Recreational Flower Offerings: We currently have a 4 tiered pricing scale on our flower.

Clearance Tier pricing starts with $20 1/8ths & $150 ounces.
Sales Shelf strains go for $25 a 1/8th and $175 for an ounce.
Our Mid-Shelf Tier strains are $32.50 for 1/8ths, $199 for an ounce.
Top Shelf Strains go for $40 a 1/8th, and $225 for an ounce.

Recreational Edible Offerings: We currently offer edibles in a single serving, double serving, and 100mg increments.

****PLEASE NOTE: The State of Colorado currently defines a single serving of THC edibles as 10mg***

We currently offer everything from gummies to hard candies, chocolates to drinks, taffy, and even cannabis-infused sugar!
Edible Pricing:

10mg edibles start at $5
20mg edibles start at $10
100mg edibles start at $22.99