MHGC Rec Rewards


A caregiver/primary center is a center that you have allowed to grow your plants for you (every medical patient is allowed 6 plants) In exchange for growing these plants for you most centers will give you some sort of member benefit or discount. These discounts or benefits will vary from center to center.

When You Make MHGC Your Primary Medical Marijuana Center

  1. $100 Connoisseur Shelf Half Ounce. Tax Built In!
  2. $200 Connoisseur Shelf Ounce. Tax Built In!
  3. MHGC always honors our veterans with a discounted rate each time they visit.
  4. Members can call once a harvest comes in and reserve up to 2 ounces prior to them arriving.
  5. We have discounted days including Munchie Mondays as well as Wax Wednesday, where members receive discounts on a variety of items in the shop.
  6. You don’t see it on our shelves? We will bring most anything a member needs to our shelves for your benefit. Please ask a manager if you are in need of something in particular.

To make MHGC your primary MMJ center, follow these 4 easy steps.

  1. Download the CHANGE OF CAREGIVER Medical Marijuana Center form.
  2. Fill out form completely.
  3. Mile High Green Cross has a notary in house to have the form notarized.
  4. Bring completed and notarized form to MHGC and we’ll take care of it from there!

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