Frequently Asked Questions:

• Do I have to be a CO resident to buy Recreational Marijuana?

  • No. You just need to be 21 years of age or older and have a VALID state issued ID or passport.

• Is there a limit to how much I can buy?

  • Yes. In CO you are allowed to purchase up to 1 Ounce of flower, or the 8 Gram equivalent in concentrates, or the 8 Gram equivalent in Edibles.  You may purchase in any combination you wish, as long as the combined purchase is at or below the daily purchase limit. More information here.

• What is the difference between Indica, Sativa and Hybrid?

  • Typically, these are useful in designating the species of the cannabis family.  Realistically though these are mere guides to predict the expected effects of unique strains.  These designators were developed in the black-market days of Cannabis and leave out some crucial information such as Terpene profile, full Cannabinoid breakdown as well as Genotypical make up of the plant, which are all important in identifying expected physiological effects.
  • Generally speaking:
    • Indica can be associated with physical and mental sedation and relaxation.
    • Sativa is thought to provide an uplifting body high and accompanying cerebral effects.
    • Hybrid is a result of cross breeding plants of different Cannabis species. Depending on the make up there will be unique attributes of each hybrid.  Learn more here: and here.

• What is the best strain?

  • Depends, what’s your favorite color?

• What is Water-Hash?

  • Water-Hash is a concentrate of trichomes which are derived in a clean process separating and isolating THC using ice, water and micron screens. Learn more about concentrates here.

• What does ‘Live’ indicate?

  • Live indicates that the whole source plant is fresh-frozen at harvest. This method preserves terpenes, cannabinoids, aroma and flavor.  Learn more about it.

• What elevation do Deer turn into Elk?

  • It depends, how high are you right now?

• Where can I consume marijuana?

  • Public consumption is illegal in the state of Colorado. Consuming before or while operating a vehicle is also illegal and is considered Driving Under the Influence.  Don’t ruin this for the rest of us!
  • Consume on private property (not in our store) and please use discretion, be smart and courteous.  Check this out for more information.

• Do you accept returns if my product is defective?

  • Unfortunately, it is against regulation for us to buy back product from an unlicensed person.  Apparently Johnny-Law considers that drug dealing… All sales are final in Colorado!
  • If there is something wrong with your product, give us a call and we will see what we can do.

• Can I take my purchase back to my home state?

  • No.  Marijuana is still Federally illegal and remains illegal in many U.S. states.  Taking it across state lines could earn you the title, “Interstate Drug trafficker.”

• What are Dabs and how are they used?

  • Dabs are a variety of concentrates of THC cannabinoids and terpenes. There are multiple ways to consume these, but most involve vaporizing the concentrate with a pre-heated nail and a dab rig.  Dabs tend to be very potent and deliver immediate effects.  Ask your budtender if you’re unsure and in the meantime check this out.

• Can I pay with debit/credit card?

  • Yes, sorta.  We are currently taking Debit cards and Cash only.  Our Debit machine transactions at the register process the same as an ATM transaction would (ETF), with a service fee of $1.50 and a minimum spend of $50.  Until the Feds get their act together this industry still does not have the federal approval to use the standard banking/credit system so Credit Cards are still not accepted.  Additionally, we have two ATM stations inside the store, so don’t panic.  Never panic.

• What is the difference between Caviar and Moon Rocks?

  • Moon Rocks and Caviar are very similar and often the exact same product.  Both start with some primo nugs coated in Hash Oil.  For Kaviar that may be the end of the process but Moon Rocks are always rolled in Kief after being saturated in hash oil.  Devils in the details

• What is the difference between Resin and Rosin?

  • Resin is a single pass Butane solvent based extraction of resin glands, trichomes and terpenes. When it happens in nature it is referred to as sap.
  • Rosin is a solventless heat/pressure extraction method resulting in THC-rich resin collected from a vice.  When it happens in nature it is called getting squished to death as some weirdo excitedly collects all of your bodily fluids.

• Where do y'all keep the moguls in the Summer Time?

  • There is a large warehouse in Frisco that stores all of the moguls for the summer.  Every four years, during the Olympics, they are shipped to various training centers across the globe!

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